How do I reserve a tour?

Am I guaranteed the day I want?

  • Unfortunately, no. Chin leads most tours herself, focusing mainly on private tours. If she is booked on the day you want, we’ll tell you any other options that we can offer.
  • For the best chance of getting the day you want, please reserve as far ahead as possible.

After first inquiring, how long do I have to confirm the tour before the day will be offered to other groups?

  • When we reply to initial inquiries from guests, we put a 24-hour hold on any day(s) or tour slots tentatively requested. If the guest does not confirm within 24 hours and another group then requests the same day(s) or slots and is ready to confirm, we’ll *usually* give the day to the second group that is ready to confirm.
  • We’re using *usually* above because in some cases we will again contact the first group to give them a last chance to confirm the tour(s) they inquired about. For example, doing multi-day trips or several day tours over several days typically takes longer to organize than a single day tour, requiring some back and forth email correspondence that can take a few days before confirmation is possible, so we offer more leeway on holding days in those cases.
  • As a rule of thumb, our tours are available on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Is the tour 100% guaranteed once the reservation is confirmed?

  • Once a guest’s reservation is confirmed, it is 99.99% certain that they will end up enjoying the tour. The reason it’s not 100% is that Chin does most tours herself and may need to cancel in the case of a serious emergency during which there is no suitable fill-in guide available.
  • Since being founded in 2012, Chili Paste Tour has canceled a total of only 2 tours. These were due to Chin being treated for illness in a hospital when no fill-in guide was free.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

  • If a tour does not require a deposit in advance, should guests cancel on or soon before the day of tour and we’re not able to replace the reservation with another booking, we request guests to pay 25% of the total price. We cannot force this; we simply ask for understanding that Chili Paste Tour is a small business and any cancellations near or on the day of tour usually result in profit loss.
  • If a tour does require a deposit in advance (typically 25% of the total price), guests who cancel up to 20 days before the day of tour are refunded minus any nonrefundable bookings (such as hotels) and transfer fees. Deposit payments are nonrefundable after 20 days before the day of tour, but rescheduling may be possible depending on availability.
  • If rescheduling a tour that requires a deposit, the new tour dates must be no more than 18 months after the original requested tour date. Otherwise, unused deposits are forfeited.

Do you offer group tours?

  • We generally offer only private tours, but for those wanting to join with others, we can leave the reservation open and see if anyone else wants to do the same tour on the same day and is also fine with joining a group. However, we do ask for confirmation that guests will come on the tour regardless of whether or not more people ask to join.

How do I pay for a tour?

  • Cash on the day is our preferred payment method for most tours.
  • Bank transfer and online payment in advance is also possible, and we always use one of these methods for the 25% deposits that are required for multi-day tours.

What’s included in the tours?

  • Numerous food stops. Expect to be nice and full after any tour.
  • Guidance from Chin, owner of Chili Paste Tour, or another qualified guide.
  • All transportation costs throughout the day, excluding pick up at your hotel should you desire it, or forms of transportation not normally included on the tour. For some tours we use public transport and perhaps a tuk tuk or two. Other tours are conducted by private car or tuk tuk, and adding private tuk tuks is possible for tours in Bangkok for an extra charge.
  • Water and other drinks throughout the day, excluding alcohol.

What if I’m a vegetarian and/or have food allergies or special requirements?

  • All tours can be adapted for vegetarians, vegans and those with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Please inform us of any eating restrictions beforehand.

Is the street food we’ll try clean?

  • Chin and partner guides are extremely careful to only patronize shops that are known to do a good job of storing and preparing the food in a sanitary way — the vendors we choose are successful because their food is both delicious and clean.
  • Some customers like to try food from vendors that we don’t normally patronize; in this case Chin will warn you if she feels the food might not be clean (or delicious).

What is the maximum group size?

  • Most tours are for group sizes of 1 to 6 people, but we can arrange larger groups for some tours.

Can people of any age partake in the tours? What about mobility issues?

  • We leave these decisions up to guests, but we do appreciate being informed beforehand of mobility issues. In that case, for tours within Bangkok that typically require significant walking, we often suggest adding a private tuk tuk to make getting around easier.

Can I shop, take photos and follow my whims during the tour?

  • As we focus on private tours, you are welcome to poke around in shops we pass, explore at your own pace and stop as often as you like to take photos. If going beyond the usual end time of the tour by a significant margin, guides charge 500 baht per hour for the extra time.
  • Going beyond the scheduled end time of the tour is not always possible.

What to wear?

  • Whatever you’re comfortable wearing is fine with us. Comfortable footwear and sun screen are always recommended.

Should I eat before the tour?

  • We suggest no more than a light breakfast.

Does Chili Paste Tour offer custom tours?

  • Yes. In addition to a Night food tour by private tuk tuk, we offer food-focused tours in areas like Ayutthaya and Phetchaburi. These are not on our website, so please inquire for more info.