Old Bangkok Food & Culture Walk

Banglamphu: where food is the soul of a city

Along the narrow streets of Bangkok’s Old City, or Banglamphu, families have been perfecting their recipes for generations. The result is some of the most unforgettable food in the entire kingdom, prepared with heart, but often disguised behind nondescript old shophouses and markets tucked into mazes of alleyways. In this historic area, Bangkok’s compelling heritage is expressed in every bite.

2,900-5,500 Baht / Offered any day

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Thonburi Food & Art Walk

Explore the lesser-known half of Bangkok

Few foreigners venture west into Thonburi’s tangle of alleys that have been around since ‘Bang Kok’ was an unknown plum-growing village. Defined by teak wood houses rather than skyscrapers, the area allows you to slip behind Bangkok’s gleaming facade. Here in the hidden corners, you’ll find an easygoing attitude, great food and enduring Thai arts and crafts.

2,900-5,500 Baht / Offered any day

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Markets & Farms of the Tha-Jeen

Experience the river’s bounty

Just west of Bangkok’s urban sprawl, the Tha-Jeen River snakes through centuries-old farming communities, ancient temples and riverside markets that burst with local produce. Sun-soaked fields of lotus, orchid, rice and pomelo stretch for miles, cared for by weathered farmers who are dedicated to the traditional ways of Thai life. It’s an enchanting area, and you are most welcome.

3,300-6,800 Baht / Offered any day

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Amphawa & Tha Kha Floating Markets

Journey into old style Thailand

With its peaceful rural atmosphere, proud tradition of local foods, enchanting canal-side villages and floating markets that don’t happen merely for tourism, a visit to Samut Songkhram province is like taking a step back in time. Join us for this day trip to see, taste and experience the best of old style Thailand.

3,000-7,500 Baht / Offered Sat-Sun only

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Countryside Cooking Class

Rural Thai food & canal-side life

Tiny Samut Songkhram province churns out salt and seafood from the Gulf along with a breathtaking array of fruits and veggies that thrive beside the inland canals. We invite you to explore these intriguing ingredients at a dizzying market before learning to prepare several locally loved dishes in a quiet canal-side kitchen.

3,900-8,500 Baht / Offered any day

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